Workshops – small but perfectly formed!

Theres’s nothing like moving the furniture around to gladden the heart and invigorate the spirit.  For years I’ve been fortunate enough to have a studio space of my own. It was given to me out of desperation on the part of the family since my artwork was forever spilling out all over the house.  The children would sit down at the kitchen table in hopes of being fed only to find it covered with paint or collages. “Don’t move that, it hasn’t dried yet.”

Gaining ownership of a room in the house was a huge relief to everyone.  But oh, how I filled it! Two tables, large canvases, a big easel, boxes of paints, paper,pencils and all the STUFF of creativity.  Well, it was getting seriously full.  At one stage I had a small route from the door to the table hemmed in by quantities of stacked up work and kit.

When I launched Papershades I knew I wanted to run workshops for anyone interested in creating their own art for a lampshade.  In the beginning these took place in the kitchen, and ‘playroom/dining room’. It impacted on the family.  I realised that I needed to regroup, reform and re-design MY room.  So, a few days ago there was a huge upheaval when I took everything out of my studio, chucked away quantities of work and had a proper tidy up.  I think most artists find it hard to get rid of work. So much of it is part of the great journey of artistic expression, and like one’s own children, utterly fascinating and compelling.  But there just isn’t room.  So it was bye-bye great stacks of paper covered with charcoal sketches from life classes, away with boards covered with experimental oil painting and mixed media, farewell to collages which didn’t quite work out…. and all the ancient dried up brushes, pencil stubs, tattered paper and filled up sketch books. I am now at one with all the ‘declutterers’ of the world. It definitely gives you room to breathe.  It also provides you with more space to fill up!

But the main purpose of this great reform was to create a cosy space for small-scale workshops.  Much as I love to have great crowds around the dining table busy with creative endeavour, it’s not necessary if there are just a few people for a workshop.  My new space has a table which is ideal for up to six people to have a go at creating their own Papershades lampshade. My first ‘students’ are due this afternoon. I’m super excited.  If I can, I’ll post photos of the lampshades they produce.

But this message is for anyone out there with a secret hankering to create a paper lampshade of their own: Papershades are go! Get in touch and book a Papershades workshop.  I can organise them for mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends – whatever suits – without impacting on the household!  And there will be cake!


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