The blues and pinks of a pretty bedroom prevail at the latest Papershades workshop.

What a joy it was to have Lucy and Davina as my latest Papershades ‘students’.  Both came with pretty good ideas of what they’d like to produce, and both wanted lamp shades for their bedrooms. So we looked at examples of wallpaper and curtains and got going.


Of course, the wonderful thing about a Papershades workshop is the element of serendipity.  You can be heading in one direction and then something catches your eye…. and your off on another route.  Well, both Lucy and Davina created the most amazing lampshades which will work brilliantly with the existing decor.  It was fun to see some birds snipped from wrapping paper appear in Lucy’s and Davina could not resist the allure of the retro fashion drawings which were incorporated into a variety of blue tissue and old wallpaper.  Gorgeous. Well done you two!  And there was Papershades CAKE, of course!DSC_1414



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