Intensive creativity on display at recent Papershades workshop!

Last week’s Papershades workshop was both hugely enjoyable and very productive.  We had a mixture of intent and serendipity going on with the four designs of paper lampshade. Oh, and there was cake too, natch.

Imogen found geometric wallpaper to snip up and create a very pared down, cool design which works brilliantly as a lampshade – and matches her bedroom curtains.

Liz loves things to be accurate but, while channelling Matisse, sort of ‘let go’ and produced a very colourful and exciting design.

Lucy had no idea what she was going to make but combined all kinds of collage techniques in one template and produced a fabulous lampshade.

Lily wanted to make a lampshade which would go with a lamp stand she inherited from her grandmother. The lampshade needed to include pale green and cream but not be too literal. The result was a very original, decorative but cool lampshade design which works perfectly with the antique stand.

And we did indeed eat cake to fuel the three hour enterprise!


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