The London Art Fair, held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, is always a joy to visit. Keeping an eye on the contemporary art market is good for artists who spend most of their time tucked away in studios. It’s great for collectors to find a manageable show to visit in search of new talent And it’s an opportunity to see what’s what, who’s who and check out the art of the moment.


If it doesn’t involve paper then I do like a painting which really shows the painter’s hand at work and this portrait by Paul Wright of Caius, was on show at the Thompson’s Gallery at the London Art Fair.  This fair is a good size; you can get around the Business Design Centre in Islington in an hour and see a lot. Obviously, it’s better to spend more time and gaze more deeply at work but you become adept at pausing in front of works which cry out for closer examination.


And if there’s not high colour, but monochrome, I still like to see the brush at work.  Very impressed by the work of Yoann Merienne at the Galerie Bayart stand.



There was something very appealing about this work by Christine Woodside.  It really captures the atmosphere of a wintery landscape, full of textural variety, media and material and great sense of freedom.


It’s just such fun to see these oversized Quality Street wrappers on show. They’re made by Perish the Thought from heat moulded and shaped clear film with coloured inks at TAG Fine Arts.

And finally, here are few others I really liked: Barbara Macfarlane at Rebecca Hossack, Joan Eardly (Houses, Paris) at Duncan R Miller Fine Artand a detail from a huge drawing by Olivia Kemp at James Freeman Gallery.

The London Art Fair is on until Sunday 26th January 

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