Where’d ya get that hat! At The Unboxing Show by Peter Marigold at Kiosk N1C Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. One of the London Design Festival commissions which demonstrates how cardboard can be recycled and turned into new objects. The hat design is by Sebastian Bergne. Brilliant!

Ros wearing the hat created from a Kelloggs Cornflakes box to a design by Sebastian Bergne.

It’s that London Design Festival time of year. And what a relief to see the capital spring to life with lots to see in Design Districts, Design Destinations, Design and Events a whole range of exciting installations at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Having a passion for paper I was immediate drawn to one of the Festival Commissions: The Unboxing Show organised by Peter Marigold to celebrate the repurposing potential of cardboard and waste paper. Apparently the lockdown – and all those deliveries from Amazon – have caused a world shortage in cardboard. It seems criminal that so much of this precious packaging will be chucked away, albeit in the recycling bins, rather than reused.

So, at Kiosk N1C in Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, Peter and his team have set up a workshop which creates objects by many well-known designers who’ve come up with designs and ideas for creating objects or artefacts from cardboard or stiff card. And it’s great. I loved seeing all the examples of pieces which have been sent to Peter as a design template and then made using his very whizzy cutting machine

Here are some of the pieces on show:

For example, Faye Toogood suggested a stool made from corrugated cardboard. It’s strong and stylish and I covet it.

Visitors to the workshop can try their hand at creating various pieces. I chose to make a hat from a Cornflakes box to a template designed by Sebastian Bergne. It’s made with many small pieces and needs careful glueing together but the result is such fun. Here are images of the process:

The knife was satisfyingly sharp and the tool for scoring is a revelation. I must get one!

And the final flourish! I look forward to downloading the template and having a go again. I will never chuck away a cereal box again!

Wearing my Cornflakes hat.

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