Peter Capaldi calls halt to ‘cosmic’ spell as Time Lord

So, Peter Capaldi is handing over the keys to the Tardis to a new Doctor.  He’s had a brilliant four years as a Time Lord and brought a much needed gravitas and slightly sinister air to our favourite immortal.  Hearing him speak on Radio 2 I can totally see that playing a role like this is the closest an actor might get to having a ‘proper job’ – without being in a soap – and it would be wrong for him to closet himself away for too long.

I’ve long been an admirer of Peter Capaldi and look forward to seeing him tackle new roles which will make fulsome use of his impressive dramatic skills.   With this in mind, I decided to make a portrait of Peter last year.  I challenged myself capture not only a good likeness of Peter but to represent something of the enigmatic character of Doctor Who and the depths of intellect which Peter brings to his work.  It took quite a while to get the many layers sorted, to work into the tones, the contours of the face and keep that piercing stare in place. I’m pleased with the result and would be interested to see what Peter thinks.

The background went through several stages and in the end I decided on a collage of  midnight blue paper printed with pale blue emulsion. Don’t ask me to analyse it too deeply, it’s artistic intuition!

So good luck, Peter, and I hope you enjoy your final year flying around the universe, dipping into its many time zones and doing battle with all those monsters. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

If anyone out there is interested in buying the picture, let me know. And remember,  you can commission me to make portraits in my paper collage style by checking out the Paperface website:


One thought on “Peter Capaldi calls halt to ‘cosmic’ spell as Time Lord

  1. I have met Peter Capaldi at an event where he personally seen a man raise his hands toward me over some stupid argument. To make a long story short, he actually spent some one on one time with me to talk me out of that relationship. The look you captured of his face is rather priceless as it reminds me of the moment of the same look I got as he spoke to me about that relationship. In other words, I won’t ever forget that look on his face with the words Peter spoke to me about in regards of writing more books instead of one. Well, I’m actually doing it with creativity birthed in the time I had with the Doctor.


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