Papershades in their place….

Some fantastic lampshades were produced at Papershades workshops last year.  It was thrilling to see what everyone produced on the day but even more exciting to see what the shades looked like once they were in place in homes.

So I thought I’d post a few photos of Papershades in their place, looking resplendent in their new spaces.

The next series of workshops will take place at the end of February – Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at 10am and on Sunday 26th at 2pm. They’ll take place at the Papershades studio space in north London.  All the details are on the website.  I really look forward to seeing what the next batch of Papershades ‘students’ come up with.

And if anyone wants to set up their own workshop on a different date and maybe at a different venue, just drop me a line.


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