Bumblebees and fifties fashion – the joys of creating Papershades!

This afternoon’s Papershades workshop was huge fun with two very talented and creative ‘students’.  There’s just no knowing what you will end up making when you come to this workshop.  Jane was thrilled with her very pretty collaged lampshade featuring girls in pretty fifties dresses.  “I never imagined I would do something like this,” she said.  Although she’d come with existing artwork and an idea of what she might do, being introduced to a wide range of possibility was seductive and sent her in an entirely new direction. And the making of this delightful retro creation was the result.



Fia loves bumblebees. She’d come with a photograph of one and used it as a guide for the design. It was so exciting to see Fia using paper from a bathroom tile catalogue to create her artwork and combining it with a mix of tissue paper and other printed paper.  The bumblebee looks enchanting and the flower it is about to alight upon – or maybe has just visited – looks wonderfully weighty yet graceful.

Really impressed by these wonderful shades which will now adorn their homes.





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