Fantastic chef Rosemary Shrager will be an ace judge on the BBC’s new cookery show: The Big Family Cooking Showdown

This post is a gratuitous and loud HURRAH to say well done Rosemary for being part of the new BBC show: The Big Family Cooking Showdown.  This, as every knows, is the BBC’s replacement for the Great British BakeOff which will move to Channel 4.  We were all heartbroken to hear of the programme’s loss but this new show will fill the void – and no doubt fill our tums with delicious food and an enthusiasm for home cooking.

I must confess now that I have known Rosemary for a very long time – we are first cousins. I’ve learned so much cooking knowledge from her over the years  While she was running her cookery school in the Outer Hebrides we had a brilliant time going there as students  learning how to do amazing things to fish and seafood which came straight from the fishing boat in crates and were dumped onto the kitchen surfaces to be prepped for feasts held at a vast dining table.  My family cooking became almost sophisticated… for about a week and then we subsided back to a world of pasta and sauce.

I have a very vivid memory of Rosemary sitting in my kitchen and  looking at me in horror when I innocently mentioned that I’d never made choux pastry. “What, never ever?” she cried. “No, I’ve no idea how to do it?”  The next thing I knew the eggs had been beaten into flour in the pan on the hob and an amazing pastry paste I’d never seen before was being dropped onto baking sheets. We ate some terrific profiteroles that day!

So, huge congratulations Rosemary for getting this gig. Can’t wait to see you in action!

I made this paper portrait of her quite a while back. I surrounded her with cooking paraphernalia and food.  She’s lost a lot of weight since I made this piece of art and looks sleekly wonderful, all thanks to prunes, apparently!

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