Leading lights – so exciting to see the great Papershades photo in this weekend’s Observer Magazine on the We Love pages. My mission to stop lampshades from being boring has had a huge boost!

The build up is part of the fun. Knowing that something is going to appear in the papers is a huge thrill but it’s when you buy the Observer, open the magazine and actually SEE what has been done… that’s when you realise the enormous power of the media.

I was so lucky to have Papershades featured in the Observer Magazine‘s We Love pages on Sunday.  And the copy said all the right things too – the word is out there: lampshades don’t have to be boring, they can be art!  And there are Papershades workshops for anyone who wants to create an entirely unique paper lampshade.

This amazing publicity has resulted in a cascade of orders for my cheerful, floral Papershades.   Go forth, my paper creations and enjoy a new life in a new place.


I’ll shut up now.


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