Whoo Hoo! Can owls be made from paper collage? Of course they can.

There’s something utterly addictive and attractive about owls.  You don’t mess with owls – they possess wisdom, camouflage, cleverness and those huge eyes are totally adorable. And baby owls are just charming bundles of fluffy feathers.


So, what could be nicer than making an artwork of an owl made from paper?  When I was invited by the Stroud Green WI to run a collage workshops I wondered what would be the best thing to do. There wasn’t enough time during the Women’s Institute evening to make a Papershade, but everyone wanted to try their hand at snipping or tearing paper to create something.

I looked around the walls of my studio and noticed an owl I’d made a few years ago staring back at me. It almost looked smug with that ‘how long did it take you to think of me’ sort of expression.  How could I resist; so owls it would be.

The first stage in this process was having a joyful excuse to go to the wonderful paper shop, Shepherds in Pimlico, to find some excellent paper.  I bore home my loot and in my studio I created piles of paper including, tissue paper, wrapping paper, brown paper, thick hand-made paper and wallpaper.

I took everything down to Stroud Green where the wonderful ladies of the WI have their meetings.  After a bit of chat, a view of some examples and exploration of some ideas everyone got straight down to it.  The sound of silent concentration was deafening! I was dazzled and delighted by the variety of owls produced.  Yes, I prepared a template and the paper but the rest was up to the individual ….and individual is the word!

What a fun evening spent with some lovely and creative ladies.  Anyone can make a collage owl – oh yes!

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