Anyone with a passion for paper should check out the House of Wallpaper in Soho which is part of the London Design Festival

If you’ve ever wondered how wallpaper is designed and made, how the colours are mixed and the patterns matched….. well, you can find out if you pop down to 19 Greek Street in London’s Soho and explore the many floors of the ‘House of Wallpaper’. This beautifully papered dwelling has been taken over by Graham & Brown, the UK’s leading wallpaper manufacturer. They’re based in Blackburn and have made a special journey south to be part of this year’s London Design Festival.

From the decoration of the walls to the narrow staircase, wallpaper has been creatively used to show how much fun papering a parlour can be and how cool the result can look.

I loved watching a wallpaper designer in action and having the chance to see some of the vintage designs which brightened up the country’s homes after the Second World War when paper was hard to come by but the stalwart paper makers, Mr Graham and Mr Brown, were not deterred and invested in an eight-colour surface print and an embossing machine.

The rest is history.  Graham & Brown have become the country’s wallpaper design gurus, creating a ‘cool brand’ and collaborating with some of the world’s leading designers.



To tempt visitors to this excellent show a natty little car, perfectly papered in the trendy ‘Pierre’ wallpaper of the year, is parked outside 19 Greek Street.

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