Experience Days has made a film of Papershades Workshops! Check it out here… https://www.experiencedays.co.uk/paper-lampshade-making-experience-london

One of the unexpected but very rewarding aspects of running workshops is the discovery that I’m not alone. No, there are organisations out there which also love putting people in touch with their creativity or adventurous side. One of them is Experience Days.  Two of their team, lovely Blossom and Rebecca, came to a recent Papershades workshop and, not only did they each create a beautiful Papershade, but they managed to film and photograph it at the same time.

The result can be seen on Experience Days‘ website. And you can check out Papershades too and see another film about workshops.

There’s a calendar of suggested dates on the website. I usually run them towards the end of the week in the morning, 10am – 1pm and on Sundays from 2 – 5pm.  But I’m very flexible and I love it when people suggest dates which suit them and a group of friends.

Here are just a few photos of recent Papershades workshops.  I have to say, a key feature of these events is the cake. About half way through the creative process I find everyone develops a fierce hunger along with a thirst for tea and coffee.  I make a point of being prepared!  Come along and try one!

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