Sensational works of art can be seen at Collect, the Craft Council’s annual showcase of the UK’s best artist/makers at the Saatchi Gallery – until Sunday 25th March (so hurry down to the King’s Road!)

Collect is the Crafts Council‘s major art fair for contemporary objects and it’s on at the Saatchi Gallery for another day (on from 22nd – 25th March 2018).  I always love this show and marvel at the creativity on show across all floors of the gallery.

Craft is often made to feel inferior to fine art but there’s no justification for this, as magnificent shows like this attest.  In fact, the originality on show quite eclipses the work you can see in many contemporary art galleries.  And the variety of materials makes you long to touch and feel, because they are used so beguilingly.  For example, this amazing sculpture which likes like a pile of thin paper pages is actually ceramics. There’s a big Do Not Touch sign next to this one, for obvious reasons! It’s by Su Xianzhong at the Ting & Ying stand.

IMG_9985So many pieces caught my eye for their colour, texture and sheer originality.  It’s also great that the artists are there at the show too, eager to talk about their work and their creations and it’s fascinating to engage with them and discover the back story to their practice.

I find it so heartening that people develop passions for materials such as glass, ceramics, wood and sometimes a joyous mash up of things which leave you gazing in awe at the way pieces were put together.

Here are a few examples of very original ceramics.  You could argue that some are functional but, really, they are there just for the joy of admiration and a pleasure to own.

Of course I can’t help being drawn to works made using paper and was not disappointed.  I loved the Paper cut artworks by Charlotte Hodes at the Jagged Art stand.  And the amazing works by Ferri Garcès uses paper in such an intricate way with thousands of tiny printed pages being folded and fixed together within a frame. It’s on the Collection Ateliers D’art de France stand. Stunning.

IMG_9998IMG_9990Other paper pieces which fascinated me were the works by Lauren Collin on the Galerie Dutko stand.   She takes the thickest cartridge paper and cuts intricate little shapes which have the style of a delicate Japanese print where the paper is lifted, oh so slightly, to reveal different colours and tone beneath. Inspired.

IMG_0004IMG_0002Collect is full of stunning pieces and well worth a visit.  There’s another day left – get down to the Saatchi Gallery if you can!

Collect, 22 – 25 March 2018  Thanks to the excellent Zettler PR for their support.

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