Make a Paper Portrait

Now we’re in lockdown why not channel your creativity and make a paper portrait?  I’ve made a film about the paper collage art I love doing most.

Ros working on paper portrait of Billie Holiday

And I although I usually post stories about all the fabulous exhibitions and events which I am lucky enough to see life at home and in my studio is still interesting.  With the help of my my super talented husband, this film will give you an idea of my technique for creating portraits made from paper.  I use the pages of magazines, tissue paper, wrapping paper, packaging…. anything which is available at  home.  And I’ve created a template of my subject, the singer Billie Holiday, which you can download from my website Paperface and print onto A4 card.  There’s also a palette of paper which you can print onto ordinary copier paper and then tear up.

So, I hope you enjoy my film and have a go at ripping and snipping paper. I’ll be setting up a gallery on the website of creations which are sent my way, so please do let me know how you get on with making a paper portrait.   Instagram: Rosalind Freeborn 

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