Papershades – paper lampshades designed by artist Ros Freeborn – are now on Very exciting news!

Big news for summer 2020. Papershades is now being sold on the terrific Notonthehighstreet  online shop for unusual and gorgeous things. It’s great affirmation of a brand I conceived about five years ago and poured a lot of energy and love into developing.

Papershades are paper lampshades based on my own paper collage art which you can buy from my website and assemble at home. There are five panels of printed paper and two ‘wheel’s with grips at the end of each spoke to hold the panels in place.

The idea for  Papershades came to me when I wanted to find a different way to use my large paper collage canvases. I’d had a show of big floral works which had sold well – especially since it was just after a really horrible and cold winter and everyone wanted cheerful images of sun-filled gardens and wild-flower meadows. I’d had a look around my own house and thought how boring all the lampshades looked. I wondered: why can’t lampshades be made of paper and why can’t they be art…. my art!?


I spent a long time in my studio experimenting with paper.  Paper becomes incredibly strong when it’s on the bend and can hold itself up, and bear considerable weight, when it’s curled a bit. Just think how strong a scrolled up newspaper can be.

So, having reinvented the wheel, literally, I created an armature which is just the right size to hold panels of paper printed from A4 sized sheets. I designed one large wheel for the bottom and a smaller one for the top.  But the best part about Papershades is that it’s an opportunity for me to create artwork expressly for paper lampshades.

The first Papershades were launched in 2017. I began with a range of six paper lampshades based on large canvases of tissue paper art I’d created.

I followed up with the Nostalgia Range which presented a mix of vintage paper, old-school kitchen images, fancy teatimes and jolly girls on intrepid outings.


Then I started creating impressions of places for Papershades and have a large range of designs of counties, regions, cities and places. These are really fun to create though all the places do have a slightly ‘Venetian’ look!  I can’t resist a river and bridges and classical buildings.

Above are Papershades impressions of Bath, The Isle of Wight, Brighton and London.

Expansion onto a prestigious site like Notonthehighstreet feels like a huge vote of confidence for a concept which has used a lot of my creative thought and time but has provided me with a fabulous outlet for my passion for paper.


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